• Beautiful to see: immerse yourself in a colored, hand-drawn world playing many funny and unique cars, each one with different strenghts and weak points!
  • Around the world: play on many beautiful tracks, travel around different world locations and give your best to reach the end of the circuit!
  • Realistic Physics: power up your cars by upgrading components and have fun jumping between hills and doing flips!
  • Gear up: collect coins and use them to improve your car’s stability, traction, wheels and motor! Make them more powerful to beat your record.
  • Crazy obstacles: Watermelons? Zombies? Octopusses? Watch out for them as they impair your driving. Collect rockets to fly high and collect lots of coins!
  • Trick or treat: Use our spooky car to survive a zombie invasion on the Halloween track! Run them over and try to get as far as you can!